GAGS TO GO - THE 10 FINALISTS: 04.06.2007

All 30 pieces of material that were showcased at the exclusive live shows in Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh were of an extremely high calibre and were very well received by the audiences - anyone who was there will testify to that. This gave the team at Channel 4 and The Comedy Unit a real problem. How to choose the 10 finalists…?

The team was rather hoping some of the sketches would have been a bit rubbish which would have helped make their decisions easier, but as it was, it was extremely tough. There was much deliberation and gnashing of teeth but eventually the 10 Gags emerged.

Russian Roulette - written by Alex Nash

Alex Nash

Alex has been involved in comedy stuff for around a year doing bits of stand up and performing sketches, as well as writing for the Cambridge Footlights. He hopes to improve and expand upon this into a big expansive thing. He would like to thank his family and friends for all the things they've said that he has stolen for comic ends.

Hard Sums - written and performed by Allan Miller

Allan Miller

A cult hit from his very first appearance, Allan has had a massive impact on the stand-up scene, leaving a trail of spellbound audiences and sparkling reviews in his wake. A true original, proving time and again that while there are no depths he can't plunder with his material there are no heights he can't scale with his act. With his popular blend of high class one-liners, low class smut and no class tuxedos, Allan never fails to make a big impression and leave audiences marvelling at his audacious attempts to push back the boundaries of good taste with his pile-driver of a personality.

Horse Pictures - written by Chris Grady

After finishing a screenwriting course in September 2006, Chris began writing comedy. So far he has had sketches performed at Rough Cuts and the Glasgow International Comedy Festival as well as receiving broadcast credits on Parson and Naylor's Pullout sections on BBC Radio TWO. By day he is a loans officer in a credit union and by night he is loans officer in a credit union with time off. Chris is 28 and cannot drive.

Psycho Dave - written and performed by Dave Benjamin

Dave Benjamin

Dave Benjamin began as a performance poet in the 1980s. He was short-listed for the Vivian Ellis Prize for writers of new musicals in 1988 before joining Channel 69, a comedy sketch group, in the early nineties. In 1999 Dave began a solo stand up career with his surreal gothic creation Psycho Dave. He has run a number of successful comedy nights in Swansea as well as writing and performing The Bizarro World of Psycho Dave for Swansea local radio. In 2005 he was cast in the starring role as the ghost of Dylan Thomas in the independent movie Ugly Lovely Night. Dave has recently transferred his comedy performance to the internet with a number of comedy audio and video podcasts.

Bad Magic - written by Dishad Husain & Robert Hutchinson, performed by Robert

Dishad Husain & Robert Hutchinson

Dishad graduated from the National Film and Television School in 2000 and works in the as a director and cameraman. His first short film Holly - Bolly won seven awards and a place on a Channel 4 new Directors scheme. For this Dishad co wrote and directed the comedy Viva Liberty! which received critical acclaim in the National press. He is currently writer and director for the touring live sketch group MIXT NUTZ which are coming to the Edinburgh Fringe this year.

Robert is a writer, director and actor. He has written tragicomedies for the Soho Theatre, The Hampstead Theatre Studio and The Royal Court Theatre Upstairs with one of his pieces, The Carnival King becoming a short film for the BBC Writers Lab. Robert has also written for BBC Radio Drama and contributed sketches and performances to Mixt Nutz. In addition he has directed new readings at the Soho Theatre and a short film, Breathe, for Channel 4's 'becreative' awards, in which he also performed.

Home Alone - written by Huw Williams

A proud Welshman, Huw Williams now lives in a farm in Perthshire with his wife and daughter. He is a full time artist and sells his paintings through four galleries in the UK. In 2006 Huw sent resident Comedy Unit script editor Niall Clark a script and the great reply he received encouraged him to carry on writing. He began writing sketches in February 2007.

Mugger - written by Jonny Horne

Jonny Horne

Despite being only 20, Jonny Horne has been making animated shorts for the past 8 years, and completed his first script at the age of only 15. Born in Liverpool and raised in Winnersh near Wokingham, Jonny considered himself funny from a young age (he entertained himself), despite what his sister told him, and began writing comedy sketches last year. He is in his final year of university and wrote and directed a half animated, half live action sketch show for his dissertation. The MySpace page which he set up to promote the work has received almost 1 million views.

Mudfinger - written and performed by John Steven

John Steven

John Steven from Troon has been performing in comedy clubs in Glasgow and Edinburgh for the last two years with his kitchen roll wielding character Mudfinger, whose mission is to turn the world into mud.

A surreal cartoon-esque alternative hero with comic book undertones, John also plays Mudfinger's arch enemy, Cleanfinger, who can turn people into soap and cleaning devices with his kitchen roll. And he's every bit as evil as Mudfinger. This gives John the unique claim of being Scotland's dirtiest and cleanest comedian at the same time.

Cockface - designed, written and handled by Miriam Elia

Miriam Elia

Miriam Elia, 24 and three quarters, is a Graphic Designer from Muswellhill, London. Miriam graduated with a Master's degree from the Royal College of Art in 2006. Towards the end of her time at art school, she got very bored with galleries, 'wine and cheese' private views and people that use the word 'juxtaposition'. In her RCA 2006 graduation catalogue she wrote that she was 'very, very, very, very deep'. Miriam soon got sucked into the world of stand-up comedy. Armed with only her mouth and a hand-grenade, she supported acts like Richard Herring and Shazia Mirza. She entered the Witty & Twisted competition after being told about it by a friend, who has gone into hiding since the shows broadcast in March.

She likes hanging out at Homebase, and is campaigning for a much bigger JD Wetherspoons on Camden Lock. Much of this is illustrated in her society - The New Normals (

Wardrobe - written by Paul Doolan

Paul Doolan

24 year old Paul Doolan has only been writing comedy for the last year but has already had sketches in the BBC THREE comedies ManStrokeWoman and Rush Hour.


These ten finalists were invited to have their material professionally produced, script edited, directed, shot and edited by The Comedy Unit and now their Gags are ready to be sent out to mobile phones and email inboxes across the land.

Congratulations to all 10. Make sure and sign up to get your free Gags to Go daily from 21st June by clicking here.

We also need your help in choosing the 4 winning Gags so please remember to rate your favourites! The 4 winners will be invited to join the Comedy Unit for a 4 week paid placement where they'll be able to create a brand new comedy podcast for the 4Talent website.

Those who didn't make the final 10 should be far from disheartened. The producers and script editors at Channel 4 and the Comedy Unit are delighted to have been able to work with such a talented bunch of people on Gags to Go and hope there will be many more opportunities to work together again in future.

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